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Invent Room Pop

Invent Room Pop was a monthly improvisational music event in Atlanta, Georgia. Each month, on the third Friday, six musicians were selected and paired randomly (by a hat draw) into three duos and two trios. No one could play more than once every six months, two women must play each event, and almost all sets were recorded and released online. The rules of the event in no way structured the music of each set. There was no time limit, required instrumentation or other guideline.

The first event was in April 2011 at the Beep Beep Gallery as an improvised show for Richard Kamerman during a weekend visit. He devised the hat draw method and the set structure still used. Additional rules determine only the eligibility of players.

Most of the events are archived at inventroompop.bandcamp.com. This is a compilation of highlights from the first two years.

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